Article Marketing Robot Review

Does Article Marketing Robot really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Article Marketing Robot for effectiveness in this review.

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Do you own an online business? Then you must be aware of the importance of driving massive traffic to your site. This is a crucial component if you want to succeed online. The truth is that no matter the product you are offering, if people are not visiting your site, you end up making nada. Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O is one of the best ways that you can ensure that your Internet marketing career is worthwhile and does not go up in smoke.

The essence of S.E.O. is to create backlinks to your site from 3rd party sources. The more backlinks you generate from outside sources and divert back to your site, the higher your chances of turning a profit. One of the most potent ways of generating backlinks is through article marketing. Writing articles can be a tiring and tedious process, submitting these articles to article directories is even worse. This is where Article Marketing Robot otherwise known as Article Marketing Robot , comes into play.

Article Marketing Robot is the ultimate solution when it comes to increasing your online popularity on the World Wide Web. Backlinking, writing and rewriting articles can take forever. Article Marketing Robot makes it all possible with simple clicks. This software is like a handyman on steroids.  AMR allows you sign up with 1000’s of directories where you can submit your articles. Once you have signed up in less than 60 seconds, you can then submit your articles to these directories, all at once. Imagine, submitting articles that backlink to your site, it is inevitable, you are destined for Google’s 1st page.

Article Marketing Robot comes with an inbuilt spinner. Spinners allow you create special variations of your root article. This is needed because Google frowns on duplicate content and this might affect your rankings in the search engines. There are hordes of spinners online. But most of them are an epic fail. These spin versions hardly make any sense and are usually grammatical disasters no one else can understand. Article Marketing Robot comes with a logical spinner and thesaurus that allows you turn one article to 100’s of unique articles.

The software comes with over 2000+ directories that you can submit your articles. If you discover more directories, you can add them to your cache without any hassles. Article Marketing Robot provides an awesome feature that automatically confirm all  notification emails that you receive when you sign up, you do not need to be painstakingly logging into your email box every time to confirm.

Article Marketing Robot is equipped with an article distribution schedule, which allows you drip-feed your articles over a period of time. This makes it look very natural in the eyes of Google or other search engines because you are not bombarding them with your articles all at once. Some experts claim that drip-feeding works best for Search Engine Page Ranking also known as SERPs.

A purchase of this unbelievable software grants you updates for life. These updates make a world of difference and keep you in the loop about any developments that might occur. Other sellers would normally charge a monthly or annual fee to continuously hook you up with updates.

AMR is one of the best SEO tools around. It allows you include backlinks to your sites when you submit your articles. This is a potent SEO technique if you want to soar high in the eyes of Google and other major search engines. Higher ranking guarantees you more online visibility and this easily turns to profits.

Article Marketing Robot Conclusion

The Article Marketing Robot is the perfect solution for Internet marketers who want to work less and make more money. If you choose to submit your articles without this software, your profits will never tally with your efforts. AMR reduces work of 6-7 hours to mere minutes. You might encounter slight problems during your early days because this tool is stacked to the brim with features. However, once you get acquainted, things would defintely run smoothly like clockwork.

Article Marketing Robot is the best product of its kind on the market. We highly recommend Article Marketing Robot!

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