Dubturbo Review

Does Dubturbo really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Dubturbo for effectiveness in this review.

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Dubturbo is an unbelievable beat maker software that allows you create music like a true professional. The sound quality is awesome because the sound files are not compressed. The interface is well laid out and user friendly. You can make a cool beat in less than 5 minutes.

Dubturbo is the ultimate beat making software because it can create any music genre on the planet, including rap, hip-hop, soft rock, heavy metal, reggae, techno, alternative music and more. Not only is Dubturbo way better than all the music software being touted in the market today, it is also cheaper.

There are 3 major components that set Dubturbo apart from the rest as far as recording and beat sequencing software go.  Firstly, there is the sequencer. The main pull of this software is the sequencer which is somewhat similar to ProTools and GarageBands screens, which highlights tracks whether they are playing or not.

The drum sequencer of Dubturbo has 16 tracks which is not exactly commonplace. ProTools might offer more but it does not run automatically on your notebook. Dubturbo does and lays out all the tracks in sequencer style view.

Secondly, is the Dubturbo drum machine. The drum machine allows you create what you want and even tinker with existing samples. It is restricted to 10 pads for each track. However, it allows you type in rhythms by using your computer keyboard as the drum pad. Dubturbo allows you change your number pad into a drum set and describe each sound. So you can use preexisting drum sets or create one of your own.

The last component that sets Dubturbo apart is the 4 Octave Keyboard feature. This allows you introduce melodies, harmony, bass lines and everything else. Beats without bass lines are yawningly boring. They sound monotonous and generally make you want to pull the plug and put your ears out of misery.

Dubturbo allows you switch up boring beats with bass lines, lacing them with defining harmonies and sweet melodies. By the time you play it for your buddies, they would doubt if you really are the one that worked the music magic. Dubturbo allowing you to make music via a keyboard feature is the unique selling point of this software.

Dubturbo Conclusion

There are so many sounds you can play with and beats that you can create. Other software might have more sequences and sounds but it takes quite a bit of skill to navigate and learn how to use them. Dubturbo is dead easy in this regard. The sounds pop up in the middle of your screen and are not confined to the bottom part of the screen like most software. Furthermore, Dubturbo allows you upload beats and sell to other Dubturbo users in the twinkling of an eye.

Dubturbo is the best product of its kind on the market. We highly recommend Dubturbo!

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