Rocket German Review

Does Rocket German really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Rocket German for effectiveness in this review.

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Rocket German is a fast-paced language learning program from the same people that brought you Rocket French.  Home-based computer programs are sweeping the world and are teaching people how to speak foreign languages in less time than ever before.  You too can be fluent in German by using this fun, interactive program.

Like other language learning programs, the goal of Rocket German is to have you speaking the language fluently and effortlessly.  Often, classroom lessons don’t address small nuances in the way that a language is spoken or slang that’s often used in a country.  Rocket German packs these helpful lessons into their package for a more well-rounded product.

Rocket German is packaged into a series of lessons, with each lesson taking approximately 20 minutes.  The makers of Rocket German aim to keep you engaged and coming back for more, so they avoid repetition as much as possible.  They also avoid teaching useless information as much as possible.  You will learn German much like German children do – by being immersed in the language and culture.  The audio lessons can be completed on your computer, or they can be downloaded onto an MP3 player.

The program also includes a section on grammar that is included in the package.  The bulk of Rocket German revolves around audio segments, but for those who need to have a firm grasp of the grammatical aspects for writing and communicating in German, there is a full course on grammar.  Learning the technical aspects of a language is a great way to get a deeper understanding and additional practice.

By far the most fun part of Rocket German is the games.  The games section allows users to self-test their knowledge of the language thus far in a fun way that doesn’t feel like a test.  After playing the games, you’ll have a better idea of where you need to focus your attentions.  There are three games included in the software and each one focuses on a different aspect of German.

In addition to all of this, you’ll also get access to a voice comparison tool.  The tool will prompt you to speak certain phrases, words and sentences aloud to your computer and then the software goes through and analyzes your voice compared to the standard.  It will then tell you whether or not you are pronouncing the words correctly so you can have instant feedback, even if you don’t have a partner to practice with!

Rocket German Conclusion

Regardless of your level of prior German mastery, Rocket German will help you learn the language quickly in a way that’s fast and fun.  The way that Rocket German combines audio, games and other tools helps you get a firm grasp of the language as it is spoken by native Germans.  You’ll have fun learning German when you use Rocket German!

Rocket German is the best product of its kind on the market. We highly recommend Rocket German!

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