Magic Submitter Review

Does Magic Submitter really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Magic Submitter for effectiveness in this review.

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As an Internet Marketer, time is of the essence. You need handy tools that will help you work fast and smart. If you rely only on manual labor, you will struggle to get traffic and into the good books of top search engines. You will work yourself to the point of exhaustion and have little or nothing to show for your efforts. Magic Submitter saves you those precious hours of manual labor and allows you attend to other things that you may neglect because of time.

Magic Submitter is a desktop software compatible with only Windows. It is software that submits practically everything for you online. Magic Submitter is a one-in-all backlink building tool that simplifies the SEO tasks that many Internet marketers dread or would prefer to outsource to someone else.

Magic Submitter allows the rapid creation of accounts. You just need to key in your unique ID and password. And you get multiple accounts are created for you. It also includes a spinner that helps you submit unique articles to over 35 directories. You can also post to close to 30 blogs at a click of a button.

In addition, Magic Submitter submits texts, images and video content to WordPress directories. It also helps you submit to press release sites, video sites, RSS feeds, social bookmarking sites and can create close to 200 profiles in forums with links pointing back to you.

Magic Submitter includes training modules for beginners or anyone who wants a comprehensive understanding of how to use the software. It teaches you how to write great SEO articles and suggests how you can optimize your blog for the best results. It even gives you the heads up on how to top the search engines and end up on Google’s respected number one page. However, there are reservations about the video submission module not working too well and containing very few video submission sites.

Magic Submitter is cutting edge technology at its best. It allows an Internet marketer to generate 1000’s of backlinks literally at the click of a few buttons. It is easy to use and comes with a friendly interface that can help you hit the ground running. The auto and free updates ensure that you remain on top of you game and do not fizzle out when competition gets tough. There is customer support available for live questions and free coaching if you are stuck in a rut.

Magic Submitter Conclusion

Magic Submitter is the ultimate SEO tool that does the grunt work for you and at a fraction of the cost of getting people to actually work for you. Magic Submitter is like having a crack team of online marketers on your roster. It’s capability for peak performance towards any online business makes it a favorite tool for many marketers worldwide.

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