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Traffic Travis Reviewed

Does Traffic Travis really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Traffic Travis for effectiveness in this review.

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Traffic Travis is a search engine optimization and pay per click software that reduces the amount of time spent on building traffic to websites. Traffic Travis helps marketers and site owners optimize their sites and increase traffic by automating complicated and long tasks. This helps you create more profitable opportunities for your online business.

Traffic Travis is a keyword research tool that gets you over 200 keywords if you use the free version and 2000 keywords with the pro version. When these words are displayed, you see the search counts in Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines. This helps you to make informed judgment about the keywords that you should use. You can filter keywords especially if you only want to see long tail keywords (3 words or more). People who type long tail keywords are usually in buying mode.

The interface of Traffic Travis allows you see the overall performance of your site. It is possible to see how many pages have been indexed by major search engines, Alexa rankings, number of backlinks to your site and more. You can even use the same tool to spy on your competition and find out where their links are coming from and copy accordingly.

To get to the 1st page of any search engine is a great feat. Traffic Travis helps you accomplish this with ease. When you are looking for a chance to get on the 1st page, you look for loopholes in your competition. Traffic Travis allows you find sites that are ranking low for keywords and tells you where there backlinks are located. Once you do this, all you need to do is create backlinks of your own and beat their score.

Once you have selected the keywords and discovered how your competition is ranking, Traffic Travis provides the tools for you to actually write out your web pages. This is to ensure that your keywords are used appropriately in areas, where your page will be a recognized and regarded as a darling for the search engines. It is not a big deal to drive 1000’s of visitors to your site, when you get your keywords all sorted out.

Traffic Travis Conclusion

Traffic Travis allows you weed out profitable keywords and filter out the less competitive ones. This software shows you what keywords you should be targeting, by doing less work in record time. You can find out who is linking back to your site and in what manner they are getting it done. Traffic Travis gives a full rating and critical assessment of your web pages after you have infused your keywords. It tells you if you are doing things right or wrong. It tells you what needs to be changed.

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