Rocket Spanish Review

Does Rocket Spanish really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Rocket Spanish for effectiveness in this review.

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Rocket Spanish is a Spanish Course created by a company known as Rocket Languages. This company is reputed worldwide for teaching people languages in simple and fun ways via computer.  The Rocket Language series are online favorites and help people acquire new languages through audio modules, workbooks, quizzes, exciting games and more.

If you want to purchase Rocket Spanish, there are 2 courses for you to consider. There is the Premium Course and the Plus Course. Both courses are available on the Rocket Spanish Site. The Premium Course comes with 32 interactive audio sections, Mega Spanish software, a member’s forum and secret bonus. On the other hand, the Plus Course comes with 28 audio tracks coupled with transcripts and 28 highly illustrated grammar and cultural lessons.

The Premium Course gives you a stronger grasp of Spanish if you want to speak and write fluently in about 3 months or less. The audio lessons are centered on specific topics and are very easy to listen to and follow. The first 12 lessons are beginner lessons to get you acquainted with sounds and speech patterns. The 9 intermediate lessons help you develop the basics of the language.

In addition, the remaining lessons are applicable to real life scenarios and include how to start a conversation or respond to someone who speaks to you in Spanish. Each lesson takes between 30 to 90 minutes and basically depends on how fast you can learn and fully assimilate the topics covered.

The topics of the lessons are introduced with new Spanish words. The students can read through the introduction and click on words of interest to hear the audio version. You hear the English word first and then the Spanish alternate follows. This gives you the chance to speak Spanish and practice as you learn. There is also a random button that you can push and hear a Spanish sentence. This reinforces your practice and comprehension for that specific lesson.

Rocket Spanish Conclusion

The Interactive audio lesson remains the meat of Rocket Spanish. However, it helps to take heed to other features like the language and culture lessons that help you with Spanish specifics like how to tell the time, count numbers and much more. There is also the impressive ‘Survival Kit’ that comes in handy for the tourist who needs to interact with people while travelling. Rocket Spanish comes with a 216 PDF page workbook laced with grammar and vocabulary to further help you build your Spanish repertoire.

Rocket Spanish is the best product of its kind on the market. We highly recommend Rocket Spanish!

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