Singorama Review

Does Singorama really work or is it just another SCAM designed to take your money? We evaluate Singorama for effectiveness in this review.

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Singorama is the brainchild of Emily Mander, a professional singing coach. Singorama is a singing software package that teaches people how to sing by using cutting-edge technology. Emily Mander was born into a family of singers and is a renowned vocal instructor. When it comes to revealing the secrets of becoming a talented singer, she definitely pulls her weight.

Singorama uses a recording studio function that allows you record yourself singing via your personal computer and the awesome Singorama software. This helps you identify lapses in your singing voice and allows you work on areas of improvement. In other words, Singorama is capable of taking you from a singing amateur to a talented superstar.

The recording studio function comes with a pitch perfecting software that helps you learn notes and sing them precisely. This is the difference between a good singer and an awful one. Furthermore, for assistance you can use the virtual piano which ensures that you do not stray from your pitch. Your recordings can be stored if you choose to come back to them later or send to people of interest.

The Singorama software comes with 2 books that are meant to sharpen your singing skills. The first book is for beginners while the second book is for experienced singers. Emily also throws in two banging bonuses as well. There is the ‘Guide to Reading Music’ (32 pages) and ‘Learning Techniques for Singing (15 pages). These books are very useful and it is advisable that you read them first before trying out the software.

Singorama system has what it takes to make you a well-rounded singer. It concentrates on breathing skills, posture, harmony, stage presence, musical expression and more. Singoroma also teaches you how to write your own songs and comes with 3 original songs that help point you in the right direction. Singoroma is not filled with fluff to justify the money you spend purchasing it. Every lesson is valuable, comprehensive and takes you a step closer towards being a super singer.

Singorama is not aimed at teaching aspiring individuals how to sing. It also imparts singing techniques, vocal exercises and musical personality. There is free support to accompany you during your DIY singing lessons. There are extra features like an ear training program, a sight reading kit as well as a member’s area for you to interact with other singers.

Singorama Conclusion

Singoroma was specifically developed for children and adults alike. The layout design and courses are fun and very easy for people of all ages to learn music and singing. However, children under the age of 8 would need a parent or someone older to help them understand some of the lessons. Singoroma is compatible with PC and Mac.

Singorama is the best product of its kind on the market. We highly recommend Singorama!

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