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Is Easy Forex really the best Forex trading service out there? That’s one of the questions we answer in this Easy Forex review.

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Easy Forex

Almost all of us hear about the stocks and foreign exchange trading results in the news regularly. But there is actually a very small percentage of the population that taps the income opportunities coming from these financial investments. But because of technological advancements and the growth of most economies, everyone can now participate trading through the several online brokers and trading platforms like Easy Forex. Easy Forex provides anyone the opportunity to earn by investing in the buying and selling of domestic and foreign currency known as foreign exchange or Forex trading.

A brief background on the services of Easy Forex

Easy Forex is one of the well known and reputable retail brokers and platforms which make Forex trading possible online. It caters to the need for investment of interested individuals who don’t have direct access to the large or main foreign exchange markets. It acts as the over-the-counter or retail broker between those individuals who want to trade Forex and the main Forex Market. The website also acts as the venue or platform of trading for its thousands of members or account holders. Currently, Easy Forex is licensed to broker and perform trade in the U.S., Australia, and the European Union Forex markets. The website offers trading on all major currencies including those considered exotic and accepts members or account holders from all over the world.

Is Easy Forex legitimate or legal?

The foremost concern that all interested investors would like to learn about their brokers or Forex trading platforms particularly those offering services on the internet is their legitimacy or legality. This question is but normal because there are now several Forex trading sites, software, programs, etc that promise guaranteed or high returns which are essentially fake or bogus websites that are only there to scam people. Easy Forex is a legitimate company, duly licensed to trade and broker for the US, Australian, and the EU Forex markets. The company discloses its full contact details and business address on the website and makes it easy for users or accounts holders to keep in touch with its representatives. And that it is monitored and audited by the PriceWaterhouseCoopers auditing firm.

What does Easy Forex offers and what are its best features

Whether you are an expert or just a beginning Forex trader, the following features or services that Easy Forex offers are worth trying.

–          It provides easy entry and exit to the Forex market. Easy Forex provides the easiest and simplest way for almost all individuals to participate in Forex trading or perhaps, to eventually exit from it. The minimum amount required to open an account is just $25.

–          The ability to trade major currency and currency pairs. Although you are not a citizen of the countries mentioned above or don’t have access to currencies that are highly tradable and profitable in the Forex market, an Easy Forex account provides you that opportunity to hedge and speculate on those currencies.

–          Easy-to-use trading platform and tools. Since the services are offered for both expert and new Forex investors, the live trading platform is very much simple to use and understand. Easy Forex also makes use of the industry standard and the very popular MetaTrader4 platform. On the other hand, there is also a complete set of tools that can ease the task of practice-trading, forecasting, or trade decision making.

–          No commissions on live trading and fund deposits and withdrawals. Since the fees of Easy Forex are already imputed on the currency pips, the company is no longer charging any fee or commission for trading and fund deposits or withdrawals.

–          A very good customer support. And the particular area where Easy Forex got one of its highest review scores is on its very good 24 hour live and expert support.

Easy Forex is by far the best forex trading service out there and we highly recommend Easy Forex.

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Easy Forex

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